About The Universal Beat

The Universal Beat is a lifestyle company founded in the values of truth, beauty and wisdom. The mission is to provide high quality art and apparel to the waking world. We aim to brighten your day and to make your life a more colorful place.

May all humans be free

May all humans create as sovereign beings
May resources be shared for the highest good of all
May the rights of all life be upheld

About the Artist

Hi, I'm Kevin (on the right, above) and I'm the artist and founder of The Universal Beat. I live on Kauai, HI, where I make art, music and work towards my best vision of a more colorful world for all to experience.

It is my intention that my art would brighten your day. May you be inspired and empowered to create positive change in your life and the lives of others while you are on Earth. Thanks for being you and for being here!

About the Art

The artwork for The Universal is created with pencils, paper and adobe illustrator. 

To me, art is creation, and creation is the essence of life. I believe that to live a good life is to create your own destiny - as a living, breathing piece of art.

About the the Products

Everything is printed and hand-sewn in sunny Huntington Beach, California by a team of professional clothing wizards.

The printing process utilized used is called dye sublimation, meaning that the fabric is dyed directly, ensuring minimal waste compared to screen printing and other traditional dyeing methods.

Our products are printed on high quality spun polyester, meaning that they have a higher resistance against color fading and minimal to zero shrinkage. They breathe well and they look and feel awesome!

Sizing charts are available here.

Shipping and Return Policies

Shipping is available in the US and Internationally. Shipping time in the US is 1-2 weeks. Shipping times internationally may vary due to various countries' customs policies.

Returns, refunds and/or exchanges are available for faulty and defective products only.

Email me directly at any time if you have an issue.

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You're Awesome

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your support. May the force be with you. 


Kevin Lane
Artist & Founder of The Universal Beat